The Fantast is about fantasy in all of its forms. For as long as I can remember I have absoultely loved fantasy: from books to video games to movies, I’ve always had an insatiable appetite for more. More monsters. More magic. More reading, more watching, more gaming. This blog in essence an attempt to speak about fantasy, and its lasting and pervasive appeal. Hopefully this can become a springboard for further conversation amongst those who feel likewise – and maybe even among those who do not.

To this end, The Fantast  will include periodic updates on both new and old fantasy novels and video games, with a healthy dose of fantasy film thrown in for good measure. These updates will include both reflections on these works, and in some cases, reviews of whether or not the work is worth taking a look at. The vast majority of the posts will be more informal, focussing on my impressions and thoughts on a given work, and on its relevance and relation to the genre as a whole.


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