Coraline by Neil Gaiman


Coraline is a YA fantasy-horror novel. And it is very good.

 Coraline follows a few days in the life of Coraline Jones, who has recently moved with her parents to an old house which has been partitioned into a number of apartments, occupied by a few oddball characters. Miss Spink and Miss Forcible are a pair of elderly stage retirees who foretell danger in Coraline’s future. Mr. Bobinsky (whose name Coraline doesn’t learn until the end of the novel) lives upstairs and trains a circus of mice. Through Bobinsky the mice warn Coraline as well. Bored and without playmates, Coraline discovers a door and a key. Through the locked door Coraline discovers a mirror world where her parents are no longer too busy to dote on her. In fact, her “Other Mother” wants nothing more than to have Coraline stay forever. All she needs to do is let the Other Mother sew buttons in (over?) her eyes. Continue reading